CrewCom from Pliant Technologies - my first show

This is from my first use of the system.  I had the chance to use Crewcom when hired by CP Communications who was the vendor for the project. Our performance areas wee small and spread around the venue.  The main stage is about 100X50 and has 2 antennas.  The interview area is on the other side of the venue at ground level and has 1 antenna inside and 1 antenna outside with Yagi antennas shooting towards the Truck compound, about 600' away.  At the truck compound another antenna had one Yagi pointing at the venue and the second side of the transceiver was a Sennheiser 1031 omni inside the production truck.  A second antenna placed outside the edit truck had one of its antennas inside. The last antenna was inside the B unit with it's second transceiver antenna output split passively and sent to the 2 production trailers.    Total of 8 antennas were used,

Comm interface to the Base located at the stage was 4 4-wires and 4 2-wires with Studio Technology Model 47 to make them 4-wire.

local antennas were run on Cat5.  Antennas in the Interview room and at the Truck compound were connected over fiber from the Base and a splitter, also next to the base.  We are using single SM fiber with bi-directional SFPs.

The system shown below is what I have proposed for next year.  Main difference is 2 Control units, each with 10 beltpacks synced (maximum per base is 18) and complete transceivers inside the trucks.

This is the system drawing for the proposed system. It is basically the same as this system we had but with the addition of a second Control unit to add more than 18 beltpacks and more I/O. All bases, hubs and antenna transceivers go on the same network. Only 1 of the CU is the master. Purple interconnects are fiber and green are cat5. Note that in the in second set called GAR the fiber feeds the 1st transceiver which is locally powered and it loops thru POE to the second antenna.

setting the buttons on a bletpack is done in edit profile. I prefer to have 1 profile for each bp but you can assign a profile to multiple BP. Note that I can specify what antennas each beltpack has access to.

clicking on the beltpack icon gets this detail screen. Here mic volumes can be set

Since we have 2 Bases we can use all 4-wires and all 2-wires in the same system