Intercom Tech

UME Cobra Noise Cancelling mic
This is a single diaphragm dynamic mic with amazing noise rejection. On their web there are recordings in convertibles as well as helicopters. HERE is a recording I did comparing Dave Clark NC mic and Cobra mic. DOWNLOAD or listen below.

AVLife Savers
This is a terrific source for specialized intercom and audio widgets. My favorite is intercom audio to text adapter.

Clair Brothers/Wireless First
Supplies wireless microphones, in-ear monitors, IFB and wireless intercom. They also have an extensive intercom equipment supply, along with some Riedel Digital Intercom systems.

Audio Specialties intercom widgets
Here are several terrific special boxes from Audio Specialties, a division of Bexel.

VISUAL INDICATOR STROBE - works with ClearCom or RTS when you signal. Must have AC power.

Audioman ISO BOX
Implements the BuzzBuster Transformer box shown HERE but without the switches for the audio only functionality. In intercom systems, the actual audio is unbalanced with channel A on pin 2 of the connector and channel B on pin 3. The two transformers isolate each of the pins separately. The capacitors block the DC in the intercom systems from the transformers to prevent them from burning up. The transformers specified in BuzzBuster are selected to affect the nulling of hybrids as little as possible. Look at the testing HERE.

A simplified schematic of a BuzzBuster.

Lectrosonics wireless
Excellent selection of wireless equipment. Check out the TM400 specifically designed for measurement microphones. Look at the complete line. The SM system is amazing too. Use the RM remote to adjust the bodypack audibly through the mic while the pack is buried in the costume.

Hyperlink Technologies 
Antenna systems for Wi-fi and 2.4 GHz HME DX200 systems.

On Stage Audio
The audio supplier for all of the Presidential debates. They have Clearcom Helixnet and Eclipse matrix systems, as well as several Riedel digital intercom systems.

Tools for Stagecraft
Headsets with different connector options.

Electronics Point
This is a forum dedicated to Electronics Engineers. If you are interested in discussing the innards of your equipment, this is the place to go. the home page has dozens of detailed articles on electronic subjects.

Intracom systems
A full featured matrix system that runs on your PC or Mac (Server and 4-wire interface are Win). Wireless First was the intercom supplier for KPMG as well as Price Waterhouse Cooper and several major corporate events. Eight global intercom channels were interfaced over the internet with astonishing audio clarity to seven cities.

Got a network in your company or production facility? Add this (and a few DA/AD converters and relay control) and you have a matrix comm system. Put a panel on every producer's laptop PC for inter show communication across the world. This system has the normal internet latency issues similar to cell phones, but for informational communication, it's wonderful. Point to point, party lines, Page, monitoring, telephone interfaces, GPIO, Port level volume control, automatic gain control on panel mic, radio's all here. Who needs all that hardware?

Click on picture for a blowup.
(dimmed ports are not active and can be hidden)

Five cities have multiple channels of audio interconnected over the public internet. Also the backup audio and IFB feeds from the TV truck are sent to the remote sites.

Studio Technologies
Dependable audio products for studio recording, broadcast, film-post, and test applications. Studio Technologies make an excellent 2-4 wire converter with built-in comm power to surpass the Clear-Com CCI-22. Check out the Model 47 which provides DC power on both pins 2 and 3.  Also check out all the DANTE products including a 2 channel DANTE intercom beltpack.

Breakout dB 9 connectors from Gravatech
Gravatech makes really nice dB 9 connectors to terminal blocks for quick interface to Riedel GPIO, in particular. Winford Engineering is a similar company with narrow form factor and screw lock down. Solves the problem of connecting to Riedel.

Professional Wireless Intermod Analysis System
In addition to a complete frequency analysis, the data for many RF products are self contained, including direct FCC database download. Enter a zip code and automatically bring up the TV stations in your area. Simply choose the new TV station zone, click on recalculate all frequencies and you're done!

Point source audio small CM-13 headset
Nice lightweight headset with earbuds.  Also iPhone headset adapters on same page.

CP Communications
Michael Mason and David Goldsmith’s comms equipment is bar none. Now with the acquisition of Total RF (in particular, Production Radio Rentals and Henry Cohen) CP Communications has a world-class RF department, including RTS and, most importantly, Riedel Artist Digital intercom systems.

ASL Intercom 
Clear-Com compatible. Interesting are dual 4 and 6 channel biscuits with separate volumes, talk selectors, and gooseneck microphones. Their website is also international.

Leon Audio talkback system
Interesting system that is similar to a Clear-Com but with excellent signaling. Still only single channel comm available.

Clear-Com Intercom Systems
Downloadable manuals--the most complete website of all manufacturers.

Telex Intercoms
Manuals for most of their products.

RIEDEL Communications
This digital comm system can distribute over fiber digital and analog audio, Ethernet, and control your entire show or facility. Check out the Presidential Debates illustration in downloads.

PL system theory, connector pin outs and black boxes for intercom
Audio Specialties Group is a great resource of information for audio engineers.

HME 2.5 GHz DX410 intercom system
Aimed at the fast food market, this innovative wireless intercom system promises to be a useful tool for stage events. Automatic frequency allocation and dual channels make it very easy to use. Because of the high frequency, it doesn't cover as well as analog RF intercom beyond the walls of your venue, but additional antenna splitters are available to remote a second set of antennas. Cut coax antennas can spread the usefulness over several rooms.



Jess Heimlich - Digital Communications Systems
Heimlich has worked as a TV comm since 2001 for industry professionals in theater, film and television. His iPhone app, Eve Edit, is a great resource for programming ADAM intercom systems.

R. J. (Rick) Massei
Massel is a media events specialist whose services include tour production management and Broadcast Audio Engineering (FOH & Monitor Mix). Massei has partnered with Best Audio for many events.

Norwest Productions
This company is truly international. Their friendly personnel can provide local service at any location. Best Audio has worked with Norwest Productions since the Sydney Olympic Games in 2000.

Bruce Kraemer
provides a survey service to producers and staging companies in TV, AV and the special event business in New York City. Kraemer produces scale drawings so your designers can maximize the full potential of an event space. How high are the ceilings? What are the exact dimensions of that freight elevator? Whether you’re looking for a loft, an art gallery, or something off the beaten path, Kraemer can provide several choices that reveal more than what is seen on a venue’s website.