SNY Studios at 4 world trade center New York NY

SNY Studios has recently moved to a brand new facility.  Located on the 49th and 50th floor of 4 World Trade Center in New York it has 2 control rooms, 3 studios, 14 editing rooms 2 Voice over booths and offices for their full staff.

I was hired to commission the RTS Adam Intercom system.  Here are some photos of the facility.

Control 2.

Audio 2 - SSL console

below the Adam are the TIFFs and a GPIO-16 panel to interface VOG PTT to the SSL console to prevent VOG announcements when any mic is on the air.

Madi cards interface to the RF room.  Omneo cards are Dante into the SSL audio consoles.  All panels connect to standard analog Adam ports even though they are all Omneo capable.  RVON cards connect to the Baseball studios at the stadiums.

Studio C - tiny corner studio.

View of Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges out of Studio C Window

Studio B - for Baseball shows - hence the Yankee brick look.

under the table in Studio B - Note Wired IFB boxes on Leg Studio Technologies 32A

RF and IFB systems - room is called SMEP and is connected to the Adam system via Madi.

Sony WirelessDWRR02DN - click for info

Sony WirelessDWRR02DN - click for info

CP Communications installed all the RF equipment.  At the top are their custom antenna systems allowing coverage in all areas of the facility.  RAD UV-1G wireless intercom, Lectrosonics IFB are below that all using TX-8 RF DAs.

Below patchbay are Direct Out Andiamo Madi to Analog interfaces to the Adam system, Studio technologies Model 41 IFB distribution and Model 46 for wired comms BP325 beltpacks.

there are 2 Voice Over Booths, one on each floor serving the edit suites


one of 14 edit rooms

Omneo panel keys

49th floor edit suites

Assignment Desk panel