Larry Estrin, Rest in Peace

My best friend and business partner, Larry Estrin, passed away September 19, 2015 at 11am. Larry had been suffering some health issues lately and succumbed to kidney and liver failure.

Larry was a long time leader and innovator in the pro sound industry, starting in the '60s as Do Ho's road manager. Larry went on to run Hollywood Sound, Filmways Audio Services which included Wally Heider Recording, and founded Best Audio in the early '80s.

Working with the NFL to innovate the game for TV, Larry created the wireless mic on the referee.  As he said, "I don't always know what the hand signals mean.  Let's let the referee explain it." 

Larry was the person who conceived of the method of using carts to get the sideline PA on the field for Super Bowl. Prior to that we set up truss towers and flew a PA on the sideline in the 7 minute commercial break.

He was the Audio Director for many Super Bowls, political conventions and all the televised political debates prior to his illness this year. He was the Audio Director for the last 2 papal visits to the US, overseeing locations at every appearance by the Pope, and the Audio Director for the opening ceremonies of most of the Olympics since LA.  You can read about the vast number of superb audio events he has worked on in this website.

Larry was a loyal friend, and he will be greatly missed. Go in peace old friend.  I have thanked him profusely over the years for the help he has given me.  We spoke almost daily and even though were bi-coastal in LA and NY, we had a very close relationship.  I am so sad and will miss him a lot.

I imagine he still has a radio wherever he is now...Larry, Larry, Pete.....