iPhone and Android client screen  Click for video of operation

iPhone and Android client screen

Click for video of operation

Unity Intercom

This is a small intercom system which can have comm stations on any platform: iPhone, Mac, PC, Android, iPad.   Maximum size is 6 PL channels and 58 Users.   The PL channels can be interfaced to you own PL system with a 4-wire port for each of the 6 PL channels. 

You can rent Unity intercom with their server in the cloud or buy the server and ports.  In the future they may also offer rental ports with your purchased server.  

Here is their pricing:  Cloud    and   Purchase.

A purchase discount is available from http://www.dcscomms.tv/

I am demoing it until Feb 16 and have talked to users in as far away as Germany and Australia with no noticeable latency.  I have been told that networks are using it on TV trucks for supplemental comms on Superbowl 50 as well as initial setup comms.  If you want to demo it, download the client (no charge). This is permanently on my server thanks to the kind folks at Unity.  I am not always on so download it to a friend too.

Enter this information in your
downloaded Client first screen:
My server is peterskine.selfip.com port 20101
Users names are Demo1 and Demo2
with Password 1234

See the video below on how it is used.  On the website you can get a 15 day demo which can do 20 users. 

PC and Mac client

64 channel bi directional internet audio device which will allow remote connection to the 4-wire interfaces in Unity Intercom.

6 PL channel and 58 user software intercom with clients for iPhone, Mac, PC, Android and touch screen